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    To Make America One Again is a dire urgency to all who love and care about the future of this wonderful, inviting, beautiful , diverse and highly civilized country.


    The meaning of Make America One Again is clear: The direction in which we are currently headed leads to further separation, alienation and deterioration of the fabric which holds this nation together. The people.


    Let us Make America One Again by committing to stand for good in all that we do and represent. Loving our neighbors as every good Book tells us we should.


    If we Make America One Again, our sense of unity will have us engage more AS neighbors. And Broadening our respect for on another’s cultures and customs will strengthen the fiber of our communities and promote trust, caring and security.


    Make America One Again. Together, it’s easy. 🇺🇸

    Our Contribution:

    A percentage of our proceeds are donated to help children with autism. Autism is a serious disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Treatment consists of therapy. Early recognition may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. ❤️